Preferred Technology for The Exploitation of Bitumen and Tar sand
With careful consideration of the history of exploration of bitumen and the various environmental friendly technologies available as well as optimal financial performance. The Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) technology is highly recommended for the exploration of bitumen/Tar sand.
The most successful approached to date for the extraction and production of bitumen is the steam assisted gravity drainage (SADG). These technology uses steam to heat the oil in deposits deep underground so that the oil can be pumped to surface.
How steam aided gravity drainage (SAGD) works:
  • Two horizontal wells are drilled one above the other approximately five metres (approximately 16 feet) apart
  • High temperature steam is injected into the upper well
  • The steam heats the oil allowing it to soften
  • The softened oil then flows more freely and gravity drains it to the lower (producing) well
  • Oil is then pumped to the surface and piped to the facility where it’s treated for delivery to market
The exploration of bitumen has been known for its high and enormous energy consumption.
Excess power for engineering works shall be supplied for perfection of operations.